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A Recession Is Never Good. Especially Inside Your Mouth.

January 24, 2023

Hearing about the beginning of a recession is never good news. An economic recession often means the loss of jobs and income. Gum recession is a sneaky, common condition that if ignored can have a major impact on our oral health. The periodontist at Dental Implants and Periodontology of Massapequa wants our patients to be aware of the signs of gum recession so that we can provide prompt treatment to prevent permanent damage.

What is gum recession? This process occurs when the gum tissue surrounding and supporting our teeth pulls back or even wears away, which exposes the tooth and its roots. This causes pockets between the exposed teeth and gum line, providing a convenient hiding place for harmful bacteria. Unless this condition is addressed by our periodontist, it can potentially lead to tooth loss because of the damage that has occurred to their underlying support.

Why does this recession occur? It could be simply a genetic predisposition, or else a bacterial infection, tobacco use, brushing your teeth too aggressively or not brushing frequently enough, and neglecting regular dentist visits. Hormonal changes among women can also be responsible, because these can cause the gums to become more sensitive and vulnerable.

What are the signs that you may have receding gums? You may experience sensitivity in one or more of your teeth, or have noticed that one or more teeth look unusually long. You may actually be able to feel that pocket or pockets near the gum line.

What can you do about gum recession? If you suspect this stealthy condition is beginning to take root, don’t put off seeking treatment from our periodontist at Dental Implants and Periodontology of Massapequa. We treat gum recession through a deep cleaning process — also known as scaling or root planing — and if needed address any existing bacterial infection by prescribing medication. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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