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Nearly everyone on Earth has had a cavity at some point in their lives. Cavities are caused from the action of bacteria, which invades the enamel of the tooth and ultimately causes a hole which is a cavity in the tooth. Protecting against cavities is as simple as brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist for regular cleanings. Good Dental Hygiene practices and regular trips to the dentist are truly one place where the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true!

Gum disease also known a periodontal disease is the second most prevalent disease in humans. Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums and the bone supporting the gums. It is caused by plaque that builds up and sticks to the surfaces of the teeth. Plaque is a soft, colorless film of bacteria constantly forming on your teeth. It combines with sugar and other carbohydrates to form acids. The acids eat through the tooth enamel which ultimately cause cavities.

The latest research suggests that periodontal disease also relates to heart disease and some cancers. It is a simple task to maintain your dental health which is also an investment in your overall health and well being.

Our dental hygienists can remove plaque, thoroughly assess the health of your mouth, teeth and gums and provide you with instruction for your home care. While it is recommended that you visit the dentist for a cleaning every six months, some patients need cleanings every 3 months. Our dental hygienists are passionate about your oral health and additionally are certified at administering local anesthetic as well as nitrous oxide in the event that it is required.

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